24 volt 180 watt Folding Solar Panel

12-24volt 180watt Folding Solar Panel


Copperhead 24 volt 180 watt Mono Folding Solar Panel 3 meter lead and carry bag

Product Description

12 – 24 volt 180 watt Folding Solar Panel

The 24 volt 180 watt Folding Solar Panel is designed for use with the Copperhead Water Heater (Model PVWH23S150P) so you can plug it strait in.

Tested to Australian standards with IEC 61215 & IEC 61730-1.  The PVWH23S150P is made from high quality  monocrystalline cells and comes with a 5 year 90 percent energy production guarantee.

This Solar panel is also great for 12v battery charging. With a big 180 Watts you will need a 15 amp or higher charging regulator (not included).

Tip: You may not need a charger.. A lot of people have a DC to DC charger on their Camper, some of these have a solar input.

RRP: $349.00


  • travel bag
  • 3 meter lead
  • fold out stand legs


Model: CN-DC01-P90W*2pcs

Pm: 180 W | Vm: 24 V | Im: 7.5 A  | Voc: 29.45 V | Isc: 8.1 A | Vdc: 900 V |

Additional Information

Weight 12.8 kg
Dimensions 87 x 53 x 10 cm